Portland: Judy Sheldon (U of Oregon) & Hongxia Wei

Portland, a city known for rain, greeted us with sun when we visited Hongxia Wei and her mentor, Judy Sheldon who is the director of the “O” Heroes Program at the University of Oregon.

While there, we all spent much of the day at the Rose Garden with Aziza and her mentor, Renee Posan from USA Gymnastics, who were in town working on the Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions. Of course, we were happy to offer the Olympic athletes a few of our favorite shirts. Both Hongxia and Aziza had a chance to meet the Olympians, including all-around gold medalist Gabby Douglas!

As a child, Hongxia thoroughly enjoyed time with her father, learning to swim and play badminton. Although not an elite athlete, Hongxia loved sports. She knew from an early age that she wanted to work in the sports industry. Upon graduation from Law School, she found a position with the Ministry of Sport as the Director of Law and Regulation and her dreams to pursue sport in Beijing became reality.

Hongxia has been very much involved in a community development program, O Heroes, which is led by elite level athletes at the University. Through the business school’s sports management center, Hongxia has an insider’s look at the sports industry, including management, media, and marketing. Both opportunities will help her with her project at home, promoting sports for everyone, including non-elite athletes.

Through the “O” Heroes program, Hongxia has been exposed to a comprehensive community development program led by elite level athletes. Hongxia will easily be able use this model to strengthen her promotion of the “sport for all” initiative in China. Through the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center in the Lundquist College of Business, Hongxia has had an insider’s look at the sports industry, including management, media, and marketing. The Warsaw Center is committed to international relations with China and sharing ideas and experiences through sports marketing exchange programs, which makes this partnership sustainable long after the official mentorship has ended.


2 thoughts on “Portland: Judy Sheldon (U of Oregon) & Hongxia Wei

  1. jdplat

    Hongxia sounds quite amazing. China is a huge country that I was able to visit last year and enjoyed. Having someone of Hongxia’s caliber visiting the US and learning ideas to take back and use in China, will only help elevate the number of women leaders in China. Keep up the good work, Hongxia!


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